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Android Auto still Unable to browse by Album

Android Auto still Unable to browse by Album







Motorola G7 power / Android Auto (updated)

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This issue has been discussed earlier (2019, 2020), but I found no solution: It is unable to play downloaded albums in Android Auto. The solution is not: lower the amount of to many downloaded albums (earlier discussed), because if I downlaod only one album, the problem is already there. This function of Spotify is essential for my premium account. I hope Spotify will really pay attention to this problem. If it will not be solved, I will stop paying for Spotify.

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Still not working -.-
Worst support after weeks (months?) - some of us pay for this **bleep** service which we can not use properly!

I gave up on Spotify and will stick with YouTube Music. There were some features I liked in Spotify, but the inability to use it with Android Auto is a deal breaker for me. My free trial was up and I'm not paying for an app that doesn't work right.

I am also interested in Youtube Music, but I will loose all my playlists and favorites. 
P.S. I found Soundiiz for transfering my lists to YT - I have cancelled my Spotify account after six years.

I noticed that when I browse my offline albums in Android Auto there is a grayed out checkbox next to each album. I have the same problem that the album never loads or plays. Here's the strange part. If I start playing the album in the app on my phone while connected to android auto it plays fine. I can pause skip songs etc from the touch screen on android auto. I I try to play another album from the car screen it never loads. Again, once started from the phone itself I can control that album from my car screen. This should be an easy fix.

Still having this issue 9 months later, with playlists playing in AA in offline mode, but albums not available. Downloaded podcasts can't be "found" by Spotify app, either.

So no, I would disagree that this issue is "fixed."

One year later (or more?) - other smartphone, other car and the same problem:
Can´t browse artists in offline mode with Android Auto (many albums are downloaded)

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