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[Android] Better landscape layout


[Android] Better landscape layout


Im a new user. I subcribe spotify for $0.99 for 3 months free. I notice my spotify layout only have 3 tabs instead of 4. And i dont have repeat button and my spotify lyric didnt pop out. Im looking for the usual spotify premium layout.

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Re: [Android] Better landscape layout

Spotify Legend

Hey @Shjalalaudin, help's here. 


Are you able to use other Premium features, such as downloading your music


If not, make sure to log out, and log in with the correct details for the Premium account (should be shown on the receipt in your inbox). Keep in mind that on Premium, you should only see 3 options at the bottom, so no worries there.  


Can you find the repeat button if you play from an album, or your own playlist?


There are some limitations regarding lyrics for both Premium and Free users. We suggest that you check out this help article for more info.


Let us know how it goes!