[Android][Browse] Offline songs wrong order


[Android][Browse] Offline songs wrong order


I am a premium user with a galaxy s7.

Albums I have downloaded only play in order when I am online.

If I try select an album offline a few of the first songs don't show up, scrolling down doesn't get rid of the artwork and songs that show up are often in the wrong order.

There is no option other than to shuffle the album.

Please fix, I don't want to waste data and I give you money to play music.

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Hey there!


Just confirming have you tried clean installing the App? You can go in App Info and clear data, then re install from the store as it tends to solve most issues. For more, here are basic troubleshooting steps for Android. Check them out and keep us posted.


Throw a like my way or choose this as a solution if I helped!