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Android-Can't search a playlist after recent update


Android-Can't search a playlist after recent update




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Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge

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 Hi there,

So I noticed that Spotify on my Samsung Galaxy J3 updated yesterday. Today I went to look up a song in my personal playlist so I didn't have to scroll all the way through to find it. The search bar is usually above the playlist icon at the top of the playlist (as in the picture I have posted). This was a really useful feature that I used a lot, especially when I looked up local files that I put in my playlist. When I went to the top of my playlist page today, the search bar wasn't there anymore. I was really disappointed to see that this was gone, and it took me a couple minutes to find the song I wanted. I was wondering if there was still a way to search a playlist for a song on mobile. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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Filtering and sorting playlists was changed. You can find the options under the three dot menu.






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Yes, I've noticed this as well. If it's not a mistake, it's a stupid move. Depending on how big a playlist is, your not going to remember what place a track is and will take far too long to find. 

 Same for me. Im on a Samsung Galaxy S7.. it happend after the latest update.. i would just like to search my friends mile long playlist again..

Same for galaxy s9. Totally stupid move tho I'm hopeful that it happened by mistake since it still works on IOS.

Yeah this is a problem with mine to. Not a good UI choice at all. They keep trying to change the filter and sorting functionality with playlists and keep messing it up. They really just need to go back to how it was a year ago.

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Filtering and sorting playlists was changed. You can find the options under the three dot menu.






Well what do you know? Thank you!

Thanks! Guess I never thought to look there.

bad step... to much clicking.. it was much more comfortable before... they should make the old searchbar...

If this change isn't reverted I might have to look for other music services. I have playlists over 1000 songs long. Having these extra steps to search is a HUGE inconvenience.

I just downloaded and installed an earlier version of the app, which has the feature. I've also turned off update in the playstore so it doesn't update the app and I loose the feature 

Is there an easier way to remove songs from a playlist than searching? Playlist curation is even harder than it used to be after this update.

This is the stupidest change I've seen from the Spotify team yet.

What was wrong with having a handy search bar at your fingertips for quick search access? Who thought it was a good idea to remove a key feature and hide it away in the least obvious place... 

Seriously, I'm paying for a premium subscription to have core functionality features hidden away under menus where it makes no sense for it to be in the first place.

Great innovation guys, what's next putting the Play button in the options menu? 


Who ever thought this was a good idea should be fired. 


It was PERFECT the way it was. You just scroll up and search. Now you have to click a bunch of extra Buttons to get where you wanna be. Useless. 

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