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(Android) Headset triple click does not go to previous song like most music platforms

(Android) Headset triple click does not go to previous song like most music platforms

On the iOS Spotify app and most Android music players, triple clicking the headset button goes to the previous track. On the Android Spotify app, triple clicking skips two songs forward.


This is a very basic feature missing from the Android version of the app and affects headphone users like myself daily. When I want to listen to a song again, I have to physically pull my phone from my pocket to access the on-screen controls because the functionality is missing from the headset controls.



P.S. This issue has been discussed here before, but I didn't find any of the threads to be satisfactory. 


Headset - Triple-press button for "Previous song" is listed as solved because a user posted a workaround using another app, though the issue still persists in the stock Spotify Android app. It is not solved. 


Spotify reps sometimes mark this issue as duplicates of threads like Mobile App - Play, Pause, and Skip Using Headphone/Headset with Controls or [Mobile] Use headphone buttons to control Spotify, which are requests from 2012 and 2015, respectively, to implement headset controls in the mobile apps. The above issue is not the same; headset controls have been implemented, but are not fully functional in the Android app. The previous track function is missing.

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I recently switched from iOS to Android and I really miss the triple click feature. It seems like such a simple fix--I'm bummed that it hasn't been changed yet.

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