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Android Infinite Repeat Bug

Android Infinite Repeat Bug

I found a bug that affects non-premium android users that allows them to play the same song on their phone over and over without any commercial interuption. Note: You have to use the desktop version in order for it to work. I'll lay out how the bug works. 


1) Play a song using the desktop application and make sure your phone is synced up with it.

2) Click the repeat button to repeat only 1 song and make sure your phone is synced up and showing the same symbol.

3) Pause the track via desktop. 

4) Click on the bottom line on your phone. It should be listing the computer name or "Devices available" and switch to "This phone."

5) Play the track.


As long as the repeat symbol is showing you can play the same song indefinitely with no commercial interuptions. You can skip tracks but this could trigger a commercial break, however the next song will be played with infinite repeats and no commercials. 


App Info:

(Android) Spotify Version


Phone Specs:

Moto X (2nd Generation)

Android Version 5.1

Carrier: Republic Wireless (Uses Sprint Data)



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