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[Android] Music Stops Playing after Several Tracks

[Android] Music Stops Playing after Several Tracks

Stops playing on mobile app. plays about 3 songs, then seems to pause on a blank/black screen. almost as if an ad is supposed to play but does not. just stays there. I have to quit out and restart it. Or sometime it will just turn off by itself. quite annoying, am switching back to Pandora for now.


Galaxy S4 4.3 android, latest version of spotify, free version. I've searched around and found so many ideas not sure where to start. Spotify just needs to fix this instead of making playing music so difficult on its app. 


i have done all the procedures where i clear the cache/data library items, uninstall reinstall, etc. 

2 Replies

This is a bug which has been raised to the Spotify team. Head over to the bugs topic for the full details and a place to add your details if you want to help out.

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Hey thanks for the response. Looks like i'll be using Pandora on mobile at least until the next update comes out. Too much stuff to follow and keep track of for basic service. I'll put in my info as you suggested in the meantime though. Thanks again

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