Android Premium: Playlists Ordering Weirdly?


Android Premium: Playlists Ordering Weirdly?

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I recently updated to whatever the latest version of the Spotify Premium app on Android is. Immediately after I did this, my playlists would start to be ordered strangely. Here is what I mean:

  • Before the update, I always liked to keep my playlists ordered alphabetically by artist for organizational purposes. When I went to the little three-bar drop-down menu and picked "sort by: artist", the songs would be sorted alphabetically by artist name. Within each artist in the playlist, songs would be organized alphabetically by album, and within each album in each artist in the playlist, songs would be organized by their original position in the album's tracklist. This is, in my opinion, the best and most logical way to organize a big playlist.
  • Now, though, it does it in the most nonsensical manner possible (in my opinion). It still orders artists alphabetically, but now within each artist the songs are ordered alphabetically, regardless of the album from which they originate or their position in the tracklist of that album. For example, in the old arrangement, if I had three Beatles songs, "Taxman" (off of Revolver), "Drive My Car", and "You Won't See Me" (both off of Rubber Soul), in a playlist, the songs would be ordered "Taxman", "Drive My Car", and "You Won't See Me", because Revolver comes alphabetically before Rubber Soul and because "Taxman" comes before "You Won't See Me" in Rubber Soul's tracklisting. However, with the new arrangement, the songs would be ordered alphabetically as "Drive My Car", "Taxman", and "You Won't See Me", regardless of album or tracklist placement.

This new arrangement really messes up the flow of music in a playlist and also has made it really hard to navigate playlists I've had sorted by the previous method for almost four years now. I haven't seen any other posts about it, so I have no idea if anyone else is having this problem or even finds it to be worth mentioning. Has anyone else experienced this change? If so, do you know of any solutions?


P.S.: This only occurs on mobile. On the desktop version, my playlists are still organized the old way.

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my podcast playlist order changed with the latest app upgrade n it's now completely useless. Previously stations would move to top of list as soon as new episodes were added, now order is completely random, only way to find if new content available is to open each station n scroll to bottom. Functionality is very poor. 

Can I go back to old version?