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[Android Q Beta] Bluetooth Playback Drops When Starting a Track

[Android Q Beta] Bluetooth Playback Drops When Starting a Track


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This post is in regards to a small bug I encountered while using Spotify with my Google Pixel 2 on the Android Q Beta. I've chosen to submit this bug here, over the Official Google Beta subreddit, because I am not having this issue in any other music streaming application; it seems to be an issue with Spotify itself.

When I'm playing music from my Pixel 2 to a Bluetooth speaker or headset, the first second of a track will play normally, then the track immediately goes silent for 2-3 seconds, then resumes. If I change manually tracks, the same issue occurs, however, if I let the track finish playing and allow it to automatically transition to the next track in a playlist, the issue does not occur.
I believe I've been able to narrow this issue down to the Equalizer settings in the app: when I disable the app's Equalizer, I no longer have these issues.

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I fixed the problem by disabling the equalizer! 

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