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[Android] Spotify app uses data while app is not in use

[Android] Spotify app uses data while app is not in use

Hi 🙂


I recently found this forum and have been looking around a bit. I couldn't find anything on this subject, but I might have been looking in the wrong places. So sorry if that is the case. 


I have spotify on my android phone (HTC one S), and I have had it for a while now. I don't have premium, so I only use it when my data plan allows it. 

Now I noticed that my data usage was higher than it normally is, and my data-monitor app tells me that spotify has been using several MB per day. I have not used the app for streaming music in weeks, and I have no idea why it is using data. 


Does anyone have an idea to fix this?




2 Replies

As you're not premium it shouldn't be connect services... however it may be related to notfication listening. Try going to the settings in the Spotify app and disabling all the notifications and see if this improves.

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Thanks, I tried turning all notifications off. There are no other settings that could be related to MB use i think


I'll wait and see if it still uses data tomorrow. 


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