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Android SpotifyApp hides on starting when in landscape mode

Android SpotifyApp hides on starting when in landscape mode

I originally thought the app was crashing because the Spotify app started up, briefly showed the playlists and then vanished. However it still showed in the running application list. When I activated Spotify in portrait mode it stays open and does not close straightaway.


I upgraded my spotify (application and account) to use with my sonos system and this recent issue has marred the experience.



Android 4.0.3

Acer A501


Please rectify

2 Replies

Exact same problem today. Didn't try portrait view but app appears to close in one or two seconds when in landscape and I go to the my music page however music still streams. Just upgraded to Premium, is it related to that ? This happened first time after upgrading to Premium, however the app updated in the same time period as well. I tried deleteing and reinstalling the app with no change in the problem. OK after reinstall and sign in until I go to My Music in landscape.the the problem occurs again


This is only happening on my Asus Transformer TF 101, Android 4.0.3


Workd fine on my Motorola Droid Maxx, Android 4.4.4


Please read the guide linked below for details on the most common issues and how to fix them. Can you try a cean install and let me know how it goes?

[GUIDE] How to fix common issues for Spotify on Android

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