Android TV Spotify app. does not remember login/password


Android TV Spotify app. does not remember login/password

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Family Premium




Xiaomi Mibox 3 (international version)

Operating System

Android TV 8.0.0

Spotify version

1.16.0 (16 April 2019).


My Question or Issue


The Android TV version of Spotify does not remember the login/password information (e.g. after the application has been quit manually or by the system, or simply because the network has been temporarily disconnected).

This is really painful, and this is the only ATV application I know that shows this bug. All applications that use a personal account (Google Apps, Netflix, various TV applications...) do not have this problem.

Looking at various forums I can find other people experiencing the same bug for several years, why is it not corrected ?

Thanks for any help/suggestion.


PS: I know that I can use Spotify in Chromecast mode, from a smartphone. In this case there is no problem since the identification is done on the smartphone. But this is not the way I want to run Spotify on my TV box, I want to control it with the remote.