Android app audio not as good as ios

Android app audio not as good as ios


I have been trying to find some really good in ear headphones for a while and I just bought the Sony WF-1000XM3. I was testing them out and was comparing them to my gf:s powerbeats pro. The Beats were substantially better when I was running the Sonys on my android (Pixel 2) and she wasa running the Iphone 11.
So we decided to run both headphones on the iphone to have a more fair comparison.
We did decide that the beats was better. But the thing that stood out the most was the fact that the audio från the Iphone was way better then that from the Pixel.
When I activate th EQ on my Pixel the audio gets substantially lowered in order for the adjustments to take place. That doesn´t happen on the Iphone. The volume remains the same and then the levels of bass and treble can be adjusted from that.

So I´m a little dissapointed about this. Is this a known issue?

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Hi there


sorry learn you are facing this inconsistency. However, from your description, i believe its the difference in phone as well as their specifications. 


Hope it helps

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