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Android app ceeps crashing

Android app ceeps crashing



I've been using spotify on mobile for a wile. But resently the app found out that it would crash every singel time i go online. and i mean everytme! wich means that the app aint working at all! cause i have to go inline every time i start the app.


I'm using an HTC Desire S, and the app used to work perfect, before i updated the app. (the uppdate where they changed the gui)


I know alot of people having the same issue as i am. 


I have tried to reinstall the app dusin of time. 


I dont have anny facebook account connected to the account(i dont have one :P)



So, does annyone know how to fix this problem, or how to downgrade my app. 


I want the app to work, couse that is the reason why i pay for using spotify!

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Yep, very common problem.

The only 'fix' I have found for it is to clear the Spotify data and resync. You can clear the data in a number of ways:
- While in Offline mode (use the phone's airplane mode to get in) there is a clear cache option in the Spotify preferences
- Through Androids app manager you can clear the data and cache
- Using a file browser find and delete the spotify directory
- Uninstall and reinstall the app


Suggest you also go and add your vote to one or more of the Android threads in the Ideas forum, e.g.:


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This doesnt work for me. My Spotify Android app crashes all the time on startup on my Galaxy Nexus.


I even dit a fully factory reset of the phone, installed spotify. And after first login: crash.


Not even the option to send in a bug report. It just totally gone.


I'm changing my account to unlimited because paying for premium without an app doesnt make sense.

That didn't help me, I'm on the Galaxy Nexus and on my wife's Thunderbolt. Even my Transformer Prime tablet has issues...

I tried this trick but didn't help me.

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