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Android app crashes frequently

Android app crashes frequently



since a few days my android app (LG G4; premium account user) crashes frequently. It doesn't matter whether I'm online or offline. The app works for maybe 10 to 15 minutes till it crashes. There is no hint about the crash and no possibility to report it. It's just off.


The app has already been deleted and renewed, but without success.

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Hapoened to me too. I think it happens when you have a lot of music downloaded. I cleaned all my app data and then just download a few playlists and it worked fine.

This is happening on my LG G4 too. Exactly as described here. Cant be a coincidence. Google Play Music Works Perfectly. 

My phone is a G4 too.

This happens on my LG G4 aswell, however my LG G3 does not have this problem when i tested it for a day

Lg g4 user here with the same problem. Hope this is fixed soon, it's really annoying.

G4 here as well, extremely annoying!! I'll clear my app data and see if it gets better.

I cleared my data three times, but anytime without success. Sometimes it seems to work when the app runs in the foreground. But than you can't do anything else with your phone.

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