Android app lacks basic features


Android app lacks basic features

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The Android app lacks basic features present on other platforms. I have used an iPhone for the past couple of years and when I made the switch to Android, I assumed the features I used often would be present on Android too. Boy, was I wrong.


I used to swipe right on a track to add it to my queue. Android didn't even have this feature it doesn't seem too hard to implement, right? Well, I've seen posts on here from 5 years ago saying people want this feature on Android too. Guess what, we still don't have it.


The playlist redesign, came first on iOS, still not available on Android.


When I'm browsing my library and viewing a playlist, I suddenly think of a song I want to look up. I go to the Search tab and look up the song. When I go back to my library, it starts at the top of my playlists, not remembering where I was before switching tabs.

This is probably the most annoying thing of the Android app. On iOS you can just switch tabs and pick up where you left off but no, not on Android.


The Android app has over 500 million downloads so a significant portion of Spotify users is located on Android. You'd think they would at least implement these basic features to please the Android users and offer the same experience on Android and iOS.