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Android app using too much data? Post details here

Android app using too much data? Post details here

2013-01-09: This topic is now being continued in the new bugs section.


2012-12-06: Our engineers feel that they've gotten closer to identifying the issue. Not to get too technical, it may have something to do with some code that's buried deep in the app. The investigation continues while they try to pinpoint the issue so they can fix it without affecting other parts of the code.


2012-10-03: I just want to quickly update you and let you know we are aware of this bug, we haven't forgotten; and we're looking into it.


Resuming this, the original, thread.


As this issue looks like it's ongoing, but not for every Android user, I want to make sure we gather all the information we can.

(The previous thread is missing information we could use to help find a possible issue).


If you feel that your Android Spotify app is using too much data, either over WiFi or 3G, please copy/paste this template in a new reply and give us all the information you can.


Device model

E.g. Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, etc.


Device’s Operating System

E.g. 2.2 Froyo, 2.3.4 Gingerbread, 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, etc.


Is your device rooted?

If you don’t know what this means you can probably answer “No”


Are you using a custom ROM, if so which one, exactly?

If you don’t know what this means you can probably answer “No”


My mobile Spotify version

E.g. 0.8.4.


My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)

E.g. 0.8.4.


My mobile provider and country

Eg. AT&T, US; or Telia, Sweden


Using too much data over 3G?



Using too much data over WiFi?



Have you done troubleshooting as described here?

(Not necessary, per se, but good for us to know nonetheless)


My username

To find this, click on your name at the top right of the site (next to where it says "Log out") then click Overview and copy/paste the number.


How much data is being used by the Spotify app?

Please use any of the numerous tools and options available to give us an indication of how much data is being used AND over what period(eg. x MB/hour or y MB over the last 3 days)

There's an example in the original post by licenced.


Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

If so, please paste them here.

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Good advice, thank you VlarpNL.

Continuing this topic in the new bugs section:

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Our engineers are looking to find out who is still being affected by this. If you could fill out this form it would really help!

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