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Android audio extremely buggy

Android audio extremely buggy







Eonon & Samsung S5



Why is the app so buggy when it comes to android car audio. I have all my playlists saved for ofline lisining.  But i have to consistantly log in at least once a week, sometimes once a day. The playlist will randomly remove itself the songs will show but will no longer be downloaded. Somes will removethemselfs from download as im lisining to them. Program will freeze up even after several reboots, when its frozen i cannot even use my S5 to stream my playlist. Will not always connect to my S5 to stream... Last week it was telling me i have no room left for download even after uninstalling and reinstalling. Had 10 gig of free space then later in the day it started DL on its own.. 

Not sure why im paying for a service that is so full of bugs. 

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Come on Spotify no imput on this! don't like paying for a service that is more of a pain than it is worth thats why i got rid of my sat radio and this will be next



you can get help faster here, direct from the Support:




i don't use twitter.. 

Ok spotify get with it will ya these are your boards watch them and help your paying customers!!!

Now it has gotten to the point that in order to listen i have to start spotify ---> hit play ----> switch screens and start my radio or other music player ----> then switch back to spotify and it will start playing... 

Got a new phone and vary rarley can i stream from my phone to veh. Even the phone is having same issues by not saving downloaded tracks.


I should not have to do such a routine to get spotify to work. It all comes down to saving tracks for ofline lisening.. Fix teh bug as most of the issues on this board can be tracked back to offline lisining issues!

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