Android auto starting


Android auto starting


I don't really understand why the android service always listens even when I have exited spotify. If I play music on desktop the app feels entitled to actually start up on the phone automatically and take over media controls on the phone. It feels intrusive and there is no way to turn off the feature.


This means that when I take my phone and want to listen to my book, spotify has taken over the media controls on that device. Just because I used spotify on my desktop. 


If I want to opt-out of this, I have to uninstall Spotify completely.. So i'm pretty much forced to do a frustrating set of commands on my phone several times per day.


If I wanted to, for instance, control my desktop app via my phone, I would manually start spotify on the phone. I don't find it intuitive or helpful at all that it starts by itself, actually, it feels very intrusive. As a guideline, never start an app on somebody's phone if the user dosen't specifically ask for it. And don't force people into something like this without any way of disabling it. I just want to give my five cents here because I don't think Spotify realises how frustrating it can be when apps decide that they are entitled to start themselves without user input.


Does anyone know of a way to disable this feature?