Grayed Out Song/ Losing Playlists/ Syncing


Grayed Out Song/ Losing Playlists/ Syncing

Casual Listener

Okay, so I have three issues that have been happening rather frequently and it's getting annoying.

1. There is a song in my main playlist that is grayed out and I can't remove it from the playlist.  I do know that it's a local music file that I have on my computer and not from Spotify, but I don't know why I can't remove it.

2. Everyone once in a while, all my downloaded playlists vanish and I have to redownload them again.

3. I like to sync Spotify to my car with Bluetooth, but every once in a while, when I try to play a song, it doesn't start for a few seconds (though the progress bar is still with the music) and then when it starts, the song is going twice it's normal speed.


Does anyone have any information about these?