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Android offline - playlists songs undownload

Android offline - playlists songs undownload

This problem has infuriated me across 2 different handsets (Samsung Galaxy S3 and Google Nexus 4) to the point now where I will cancel my subscription because it is costing me in data without me realising all of the time.  Here's my issue:


I download playlists for offline use over wifi and the download icon appears and goes up to 100% when all of the songs have the green icon next to them and have downloaded onto the device. But then after an hour, day or week later songs will undownload themselves in a sporadic fashion.  It doesn't affect a particular song or playlist, just seemingly whatever it feels like.


I have tried:


  • 2 different handsets running 4.1 and 4.2
  • Clearing all app and cache data and reinstalling
  • Searching the forums for help

It irritates me no end because Spotify is a great product but I feel like I'm using a beta release of your app because it never works exactly as it should.  I'm inclined to go back to the model of buying and owning my own music because it's downright inconvenient and annoying.  I spent all morning redownloading all of my songs before I set off on holiday.  This was after a fresh install of the app.  Then within minutes of me setting off the songs disappear. 

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Hi. I feel your frustration. This sounds like this bug and I wondered if you could add your details. The more data the spotify guys have, the more likely they'll find a solution 🙂


I guess all you could do in the meantime is make sure to switch spotify into offline mode before leaving your wifi zone.

Thanks very much for your help.  I'll try that.  My patience is wearing thin.

Tried your advice about the offline mode but my phone only went 2 days without before refusing to let me access the app without logging in again.  After logging in it kicked a load of songs off my playlists again.  I hope someone cares enough to fix it.


I got a note about a Spotify app update from the Google Play store just now and there's a little 'fun' gag about being able to control the app by telepathy.  That really riled me.  Don't be so lighthearted about an app that doesn't work as it should on a modern Android device when paying customers are encountering issues that they've bleated on about for a long time and you've still not fixed them!  


I've persevered with this for a long time (unsubscribed and then resubscribed hoping it'd be fixed) and I bet other people have just walked away and refused to put their hard earned money into your coffers without so much as a mention.  I'm not far away from that point right now.

I'm getting the same problem on my Android phone - sporadic undownloading of songs, whether offline mode is engaged or not. I have about 2600 tracks downloaded. A few hours will go by and it has to download about 250. One time, the app had to redownload about 1000. This is ridiculous. Didn't have this problem into a few weeks ago. Been a subscriber for about 5 years total (about three on this last account).

It's happening to me too, undownloaded almost 1000 songs and it's happened repeatedly. I like spotify, but if this continues I'm going to try google music instead.

It's happening to me too, undownloaded almost 1000 songs and it's happened repeatedly. I like spotify, but if this continues I'm going to try google music instead.


I'm on a oneplus one with Oxygen OS running Lollypop 5.0.2

Been having the same problems for about 6 or so months... Have done all the cache/app clearing, uninstall. Keep having problems on both my Sony and Windows phone. Totally over Spotify. Giving it untill my subscription ends.

This has happened to me quite a few times within the last 6 months as well. I downloaded almost 2000 songs the other day making them available offline after they undownloaded, and they're now not available offline again! I am sick of wasting my data redownloading over and over again. There is no point in paying for my subscription if I can't use it for its purpose anyway. Wasting my money on the subscription and my data. I do hope there is a solution as I loved Spotify before this started occurring.

So far no solution yet, just one more bug to the list....

In fact there is a way...give up on Spotify and use Google Music, much much better. their customer support really cares about you and they dont just screw your family plan out of the blue. 

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