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Android spotify high network usage/stop playing

Android spotify high network usage/stop playing

Hi all.

Strange things been happening lately. For the last few weeks since one of the updates, spotify randomly uses over 5Mbps of data but stops playing tracks mid song. But if i skip the song, it bumps up traffic to 10Mpbs, buffers and starts to play the next song and traffic goes down to 5mbps again. This happens on wifi and cell. I can see the traffic using netlive. If i force stop spotify, the traffic dies down to 0.
Oddly enough, i have been having play back issues with cached songs as well.

I usually have 10-20gb of songs cached.
I have tried streaming and cached songs, online and offline modes.
I have cleared cache, cleared data, uninstalled and reinstalled spotify app.
Disabled available offline songs ( verified no data shown on sd card, <2mb on internal)
Chkdsk sd card.

No changes seen with any of these.

I thought i may have had corrupt data on the sd card but windows says it is clean. Also doesnt explain the data usage.

Anyone else having these issues? Anyone have other thoughts on this?
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I forgot to mention as well, sometimes the trucks won't even start but if I skip forward and then back to the track it will start to play


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