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Android version lacking many features present on desktop

Android version lacking many features present on desktop

Hi. New user here. After doing a bit of testing I noticed that Android app is lacking in basic sorting and multi element management features that can be used on PC:

  • Impossible to create a folder to group few playlists together.
  • Impossible to highlight multiple tracks in playlist/album to do group action on them (like/dislike, add/remove to/from playlist). 
  • Recently I found out that there is in fact feature to move tracks around in a playlist. But it was so well hidden that I spent an hour searching forums and idea suggestions, to find out it was implemented. Stumbled upon it in playlist options by pure accident. 
  • Impossible to manually sort playlists. 

That's all that has been bothering me for now. There's a system example that solves all the problems I've listed above. Google Chrome Android browser bookmarks management. In my opinion it's designed flawlessly, and with adaptations it can be fully copied and applied to Spotify Android app. Creating folders is quick and easy. Tap and hold on any element to enter highlighting and custom sorting mode: tapping on any bookmark or folder highlights it, 3 dots on an element line are replaced with 3 lines for dragging. Last used bookmarks folder is saved and any bookmark added is placed there by default. It's also extremely convenient and can be used to add many songs to same playlist fast without having to chose it every single time. When done with filling one bookmark folder another one can be picked as default saving location.

was thinking about making those points into idea suggestions, but I have my doubts it will attract enough votes, and even if it will there's no guarantee that missing features will ever be added. If anyone knows whether those features have been or are being considered - please let me know. For example I managed to find few posts from people stating they've had multi element management/highlighting features for a while, only for those to disappear in the next update. Thanks for reading.
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