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Any word on HTC M8 fixes?

Any word on HTC M8 fixes?

So I'm aware of T-Mobile doing something about their network that has made it so Spotify can't go online on HTC M8 phones. Has Spotify given any word to future fixes coming? I know you can do something about changing something, but I have no idea how to do that and if it's just going to revert back to what it was after a short amount of time anyways, what's the point? Having to wait until I get home to add the song I want to listen to to a playlist and download it there to listen to it, is getting really annoying.

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You may find this post by @meahtenoha useful:

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it's not helpful. It's a suggestion to swap to IPV4, which wen can't do, because it will revert back.

What a joke

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