App crashes when switching songs


App crashes when switching songs

Casual Listener


Premium (family)




Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

Hi all! I'm using Spotify Premium (Family plan) v8.4.91.837 on a Galaxy S7 edge running Android 8.0.0. Ever since the latest update, my Spotify app is constantly crashing. It worked fine before this update.


It mostly happens right when I open the app, or whenever the app switches to the next song to play. Both when I manually skip a song, as well as when a song is over and it switches to the next one. I mostly use the app connected to my Bluetooth car radio, but it also happens when I play songs through the phone's speakers directly.


The app stops playing music and either just completely crashes to my homescreen, or sometimes it just shows the app's splash screen (the Spotify logo) for a second and reopens itself. It doesn't show me any error codes or messages.


I've already turned all of the settings on and off, deleted Spotify's app cache, app data, restarted my phone and completely reinstalled Spotify, but unfortunately none of this fixed my problem.


I've already contacted Spotify directly through email, but I thought I'd give it a shot on here as well. Will keep you updated on their direct replies.


Anyone here experiencing the same or knows how to fix this?


EDIT: I just reinstalled a previous version (v8.4.90.722) and the problem is fixed. Still don't know what's causing it, but at least I can use Spotify normally again for now!