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App freezes but still plays music

App freezes but still plays music

I have a Galaxy S7, and lately my Spotify app has been acting up. Every once in a while the entire app itself will freeze, but it'll still be playing music. The pull-down from the notification bar will display whatever song was on previously, and I can't skip or pause the song. Trying to swipe the bar away doesn't work either. If I try to open up the app, all I get is a black screen. Closing out the app doesn't do anything. The music still plays and the pull-down is still there. The only way to make it stop is by restarting my phone. I'm not sure why it's doing this or how to fix it. Help??
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Hey @EmmyGoat! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound quite right.
Have you tried reinstalling your app? If not here's a step by step tutorial.
Let us know if that helps, thanks! ^^


I have tried uninstalled and reinstalling my app. That doesn't work either.



Please let meknow the following details:

1. Exact Device (e.g. Samsung Galaxy 7)

2. Exact operating system (e.g. 4.4.2)

3. Spotify app version installed (2.0.0)


Thanks! ^^



Since the most recent update spotify is "not responding" and causes my phone to over heat and drains my battery so fast !! Address this issue before your app destroys my new Samsung Galaxy S7 ... my gf has the same darn problem with the same phone !!! This never has happened before ! I think we may be having same issue

I have the same Problem with my Samsung s6.
Often it happens when I skipp 4 or 5 titles.

Device Samsung S7
Spotify version-

This is happening to me too but on my kindle fire 8. Seems like it happened right after I updated. I have to restart my tablet to get the music to stop. 

Also happens to my s7 edge and a friend's s7

I have the lg g4 and have the same issue. Nothing happens if you close the app but if you press the "close all" button in the multitasking window, after awhile Spotify while close... Super weird issue and Spotify needs to fix this soon.

I have the same problem on my S7, Mansony. It started a few days ago. I hope it gets fixed. I do not want to have to reinstall Spotify (again) and redownload (again) almost 4GB of songs. 😞

I have exactly the same problem as OP. App freezes and then I can't control it anymore but it keeps playing music even when forcefully shut down.
Originally I thought it was due to smart screen share with the TV but it happens every once in a while now.
SamGal S7
Android 6.0.1
Looking forward to a fix 😉

Same here!!!! Galaxy s7 and drains the battery too. the app get freeze and the music keep playing


Samsung Galaxy S7
Android 6.0.1

Also, I did notice that if I close out the app as best as I can and just leave it alone for a minute, it sort of resets itself. The pull-down is still there and displays the first song I played when I first opened the app.

Hi all,

Same on a Sony Xperia X....
Bad news, tried to reinstall and still the issue twice per day at least.
Configs : Sony Xperia X (F5121) // Android 6.0.1 // Spotify 7.1.0. 1025 armV7

It would be great to have it fixed quickly !

Hello. Same problem here. App freezes, but music will continue playing. I have to wait until the message appears that Spotify crashed and whether I want to stop the service or give feedback. The crash happens randomly, sometimes after 5 minutes of playing, sometimes after 15 Minutes. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Android 6.0.1


Same issue here, with a Samsung Galaxy S6 SMG920F. App plays music, but trying to open the app results in a black screen or an unresponsive screen until Android asks me to close the app or wait. Waiting didn't help. I had this problem 3 times in the last 30 minutes. Annoying!

Hi there


I have the same Issue on my Huawei Honor 7 Premium.

I noticed this bug just in my own weekly playlist. 

The App freezes, but still playing music. The OS ask me if i wan't to wait, the spotify isn't responding anymore. 

When i close the app an remove it from the current app list, it's not visible anymore, but the music is till playing. 

When i wait about 2-5 minutes, the music stops playing.


Device Honor 7 (PLK-01), Android 6.0

I have the exact same issue. Samsung s6 Edge.

After it has frozen, the app even continues to play music when I'm in a phone call. I think it may be something to do with having other devices with spotify open. I often use my PC to remotely control spotify on my phone.

pausing using the PC works but the app still doesn't close on my phone.


I have the same issues as well on my Samsung S7. I'm able to stop the music by forcing it closed from the application manager, but since I usually use my phone to play music while I'm at work, closing the app and reopening it several times per day really sucks.


Samsung S7

Android 6.0.1


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