App problems on Nexus 4


App problems on Nexus 4


I've been having problems with my app today.

The songs have gotten to where they'll skip real bad or won't play, & I can't skip to another song. When I try to tap the skip button, it doesn't do anything.

So I tried turning my phone off & back on again. But when I opened the app, I got a sync error saying that I have playlists synced on more than 3 devices, which IS NOT TRUE. But it caused me to lose the playlist that i had synced onto my phone. What is going on?? Again, I've already tried turning my phone on and off again, & clearing the cache. Should I try uninstalling & reinstalling the app? Or is there another solution? Please help!

btw I have the 30 day Spotify Premium free trial, & the 30 days aren't up yet.

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Re: App problems on Nexus 4

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Hi. As a first step, please follow the troubleshooting steps in this post.