Artist name is NOT centered

Artist name is NOT centered

Hi! So as of recently I've noticed how some artists name (inside of an Album or EP) isn't centered and it's just bugging me out wayyy more than it should.


I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S21 with version:

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Hi @vic123321tor,


Thank you for posting on the Community and welcome!


We've checked this from our side and found that all artist names are organized to the left, we didn't find any centered.


We'd like to know if you notice this started happening after a certain event such as an update. Also, if you could send us some examples of albums where the name is centered it would help us keep investigating.


Keep us posted.

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I've noticed that with albums where there's more than one artist on (when it says +2 or more)


Then it's centered..




If I have to give my two cents on what happened here....


When it's a release with only 1 artist (or one featuring)


The main artist icon is shown on the left. That might be the problem.


Hi there @vic123321tor


Thanks for the clarification and sorry for the confusion. 


We can confirm that this is expected. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and will make sure to pass it onto the right team, as we always strive to improve your experience.


If you need help with anything else, just let us know. 

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