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Asking user to log in using offline mode

Asking user to log in using offline mode



I want to use spotify in my car android unit in offline mode as I don't always have an internet connection available. I activated the offline mode for my playlist and I waited to be fully downloaded. I switched the application to offline mode and it was showing that I shouldn't need to go online for 29 days. I restart the unit to make a test and it was working. The next morning when I start my car  it didn't work saying that the song is unavailable. I open the settings and there was a message saying that I have to go online again to check if I am still a premium user. I activated the HotSpot on my mobile phone switch to online and offline and it worked but I don't want that every time when I start my car to be forced to tettering my data and switch to online-> offline.  Could someone make me understand what I am doing wrong ?

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Up!!! maybe some answers from the support team ?

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