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More than 3 devices althouth I have only one!

More than 3 devices althouth I have only one!

Spotify is still deleting my offline playlists on my Android smartphone. Every 1-3 weeks I have to download everything new it's getting very annoying! I am spotify user of the first hour and I've recommend it to many friends and I have the fealing from version update to version update the software is getting worse!


I deactivated playstore update so I can deny one reason why offline playlists are getting deleted. Now it gives me the error message "you have more than 3 offline devices so offline music is deleted" but I use offline music only with this phone!


I've already cleared cache for like a 100 times..WHAT IS THE FIX FOR THIS ISSUE? I'm really thinking about to switch to a competitor if spotify still deletes my lists in the next weeks...

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Hi there,
Welcome at the Spotify Community!


Hmm, it sounds like someone might be using your account.

I suggest you to:

  1. Change the password through your account.
  2. Sign out on all devices (everywhere, including yourself).
  3. Check if your e-mail address hasn't been changed.

Let me know if that didn't help! Thank you.

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