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Audio infrastructure and resampling

Audio infrastructure and resampling






Hauwei P20

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Dear Spotify,


your platform currently represents the best entertainment solution in the music sector, due to the vastness of the database and the discovery functions.


However, for a true music lover, using the Android application is slightly frustrating because of the audio infrastructure of the operating system. Obviously I am referring to the fact that the audio coming from Spotify is irremediably resampled by the internal mixer before being sent to the DAC.


From a technical point of view, it is possible to establish a direct flow to the DAC with customized drivers, that is, as happens with apps such as USB Audio Player (available on the Play Store).


Now, in order to make Spotify a more complete and universal app, as well as to carve out a further slice of users, I wonder if it is possible to implement a similar architecture.


I am aware that by bypassing the mixer you lose practically all the rest of the audio signals that the device must reproduce, but precisely for this reason I would suggest putting a simple option within the app settings, so that only the most "geeks" can enable that if desired.


It is a pity that one spends a lot of money on audio equipment and then leans on an imperfect platform...


I hope this consideration can be accepted in future developments (if not already planned).
Also because from a market point of view, reading on the internet there are really hundreds of people who want such a function, therefore it would be valid and in any case transparent for most users who do not care.


Thank you for your attention.


Best Regards.

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