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Audio out via USB on Android 10

Audio out via USB on Android 10

Plan: Premium Family

Device: Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL

OS: Android 10, BuildQP1A.191005.007.A1

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Over the past few weeks, USB-C audio out has been causing major headaches for both mine and my wife's devices. Both seem to be occurring in the same general manner: when switching from bluetooth to USB-C audio playback, the audio stream stops. The playback stream indicates that playback is continuing, but silence on the audio device. This phenomenon is occurring in two different vehicles, one aftermarket (Kenwood), and one OEM (2017 VW), both through Android Auto. I am broadening this issue from Android Auto to OSB-C audio output in general as the same occurs when I plug in my USB-C headphone adapter. Other music/audio apps (PocketCasts, YouTube Music) handle the transition without issue. Once this issue is triggered, the audio does not come back through any source until the app is closed and reopened.

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