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Audio quality keeps resetting

Audio quality keeps resetting

No matter what I do and how many times I select extreme quality for both streams and download the app resets to normal and auto, sometimes I don't even have to relaunch the app, it will do it in the same session.


I have a family premium plan running latest app version on pixel 2.  If this persists I can't see any other solution but to switch to some other service.


Anyone else have an issue it knows how to good this?



7 Replies

Happening to me too. Moto G5 Plus, latest Spotify version. Need help!

same here. App is **bleep** after new update. Quality is resetting, downloaded albums cannot be "un-downloaded" or "re-downloaded, playlist names are not automatic anymore. what is this for a bull**bleep**, dear spotify team??? Why am I spending money for your service with this user-UN-friendlyness? Don't you have capable coders?. **bleep**...

This was occuring on a Motorola Nexus 6. I thought switching to a brand new phone would rid the app of this issue but I just noticed it again on my Galaxy S9+ this morning.

Happens on my pixel 2 xl as well. Really annoying as I have to change setting everytime I use the app

Happens on my Pixel 2 all the time, without restarting or even an update!

Someone else posted that turning off "normalize volume" in spotify's settings fixed this. Just another bug.

Nope.  Unsetting "normalize volume" does not "fix" this.

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