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Auto Crossfade

Auto Crossfade

Today I noticed that one of the playlists I subscribed to (Go hard) has the songs crossfade. I did not change any thing in the settings.
The fading starts super early (around 14 seconds)
This is super annoying, because some songs are interrupted in the middle of a good part.
Furthermore skipping a track is really annoying.
Please disable this or at least make an option to do so
If I wanted to have Crossfade I would enable it in the settings. But I don't want it so please don't force it
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Hi. It looks like the playlist changes the crossfade setting. Have you tried copying al the tracks into a new playlist of your own to see if that respects your crossfade setting?

I don't have crossfade enabled so copying all tracks into my own playlist should "fix" it.
But that's what I want to avoid because the playlist gets updated by Spotify and it would be very annoying to look what songs were added or removed every day or week

Also if shuffle is enabled and you press on specific song to play, it just plays a random song instead of the one you tapped at

This is extremely annoying, I would have loved it to be like any other playlists. The jump to the next song does not work at all when you have crossfade. Really ruins this playlist.

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