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Automatically downloading podcasts

Automatically downloading podcasts

I live in an area of California with spotty cell service (there are plenty of us). For a decade, my chosen podcast app has automatically downloaded episodes for me whenever I am at home and I have a good connection, so I can then listen to them anywhere.


I'm not going to lie, I only discovered this because Spotify bought Gimlet, and now because it is "exclusive" I have to manually download episodes of the podcast "Crimetown" if I want to listen to them. 


This is a basic feature that has been in all other podcast apps for at least a decade, and you don't have it? Why would you buy a podcast company, just to cut off the listeners? 


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I've been using the app "podcast addict" for so long but just started looking into spotify to make it easier to go between app and browser to listen to my podcasts. After looking around the app a bit, I was so confused this option isn't available. I would love to understand their reasoning but, from our perspective, it just looks like horrible design and lazy.  There is NO WAY I am going to switch podcast apps without that feature. 

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