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Autoplay working when not enabled.

Autoplay working when not enabled.

Whenever I finish a playlist on the Android mobile app, it will play suggested songs. When I go into my settings, the autoplay option is disabled, the slider is gray. But the playlist still autoplays. On the desktop app, it does not do that, only on the mobile app. I am using a free plan on a Samsung Galaxy J7. Is there anyway to fix this?


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Yes, it's called premium. This article explains the limitations of spotify free on mobile phones.

I did not realize that autoplay was a premium only thing. It is not
detailed as specifically premium only like the pick-and-play playlists and
ad removal. It also still gives me the option to turn it off. And it says
that it is off. Is there anyway that I can stop the autoplay and just
continuously repeat the playlist? (Its a short playlist).

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