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Inconsistent "Favorite Songs" playlist

Inconsistent "Favorite Songs" playlist






Moto G5S

Operating System

Android 7.0


Hi, I'm having trouble understanding how this new "Favorite Songs" playlist works. On my computer it shows all the saved songs of my library, in my phone it shows only a few songs and some of them aren't even in my library. It's like a separate playlist, the one in my phone can't be seen on my PC and the actual library doesn't exist in my phone.


I've been a Spotify user for over 5 years and I must say the user experience has dumbed down a lot in the last year. I want my full library on my phone and no ambiguous and incosistent playlists that I can't wrap my head around. Even though the internet is getting more chaotic and nobody cares about order, I like my music organized and I think most music lovers feels the same.


Don't send an automate response, I've already tried rebooting my device, reinstalling the app, etc.


Please, Spotify, be good to us again.




Screenshot (23).png
1 Reply

Hey @cainamaturo,


There have been some changes to the Spotify free service on mobile which will give a different experience to when you're using the desktop app.


For example on mobile, some playlists like Favorite Songs playlist will get suggested tracks and artists added as you create and edit them. This is why you will see some changes to this particular playlist between your mobile and desktop apps. 


You can check out more of the changes on mobile here.


We hope this clears things up! 


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