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Available offline button in wrong place!


Available offline button in wrong place!

In the songs category there it shines with all its might,
A button of immense power to send people off the light,
With one wrong touch,
The songs leave their faithful master without a hunch.
And only at great costs, could they be reattached...

Have the Developers put the button to annoy the users? With no warning it deletes my songs and i have to redownload hundreds of songs again. I am thinking to end my subscription because of this and return to be a pirate again. Do something about it please.
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Re: Available offline button in wrong place!

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Have you checked to see if that Idea already exists in the Ideas section? If it does then add your Kudos to show your support. If not, create a new idea and if it gets enough Kudos it may well happen!

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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