Awesome, redownloading everything again


Awesome, redownloading everything again

One hour before I go on holiday for a few weeks. Just great.

It definitely coincided with reaching the song limit. I removed some albums I hardly listen to, so that I am under the limit and after restarting my phone, it started to redownload all songs. Ridiculous. Get rid of the stupid limit or at least fix the bugs. I hope I have music to listen to on the flight.. So pissed right now.
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Re: Awesome, redownloading everything again



Welcome to the Spotify Community.


We're sorry to hear you feel that way about the limit. We'll make sure to pass all your comments on to the right team.


In this case, we think that the cache of your devices might be duplicated and this could be causing the issue. To fix this up, please remove all your offline devices over here. Then, reinstall the app following these simple steps


This should fix the issue, but you need to remove the offline device before you reinstall the app. Keep in mind that you'll have to re-sync all your offline music once again.


Let us know how you get on 🙂