Awful Programming Skills


Awful Programming Skills

Every other app on my phone works perfectly fine, with a speed that, if not excellent, is at least decent. Spotify, however, can't seem to complete a basic search without taking 5+ minutes. That assumes the menu comes up at all. When a video ad pops up after starting the app, I frequently am starting my car so I hit the home button and spotify freezes and will bit function again until I close it and reopen it.

I've tried this app on and off over the past few years, because the service it's something I really desire. However, if the app doesn't actually function when I want it to, then it's worthless. I'm just glad I haven't put money into the service, at this point.

Has anyone had these problems, and if so, have you found a solution?
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Have you tried a clean install? I do notice some lag, but this just the dance add Netflix due to the need to connect to the servers to download data.

5mins is a bit excessive though

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