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No sound from spotify app on android

No sound from spotify app on android

Apparently not a new issue, but I could'n't find any suggestions that helped med.


Spotify is playing on my HTC one V for many months now, but then suddenly; Song progress bar is moving but NO SOUND.


Have tried:


1) Restarting app.

2) Restarting phone.

3) Removed from Android/data to start a fresh.

4) Reinstalled the APP.

5) Enable/disable beats audio.




Other media players work fine.


Sorry - but I'm frustrated with the loss of absolutely primary function for a service I pay for!!!! 😞

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Solved by pressing power on button for 10s, which apparently performs a REAL cold reset on the HTC One-V (where the battery can not be removed mechanically).



Hi All


I had this same problem with spotify running on an unmodified Samsung S2; I tried all the forums and "fixes" proposed with no luck.


The only thing that seemed to work at all is to:


on your androind device, go to settings>applications>manage applications>spotify, then choose "clear data"


(NB - this does not delete offline music, just whatever it is that blocks outgoing sound - in my case to a bluetooth kit in my car.....


I hope this helps!



This worked for me. This will probably fix the no-sound in cases where it dissapeared after using it on a Bluetooth device.

Worked for me too, thank you!!

Didnt work for me, any other step or suggestion?


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