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BMW iDrive6 and Spotify Not Working

BMW iDrive6 and Spotify Not Working







Samsung J5


Operating System

Android version: J530 FXXU 3BRJ2


My Question or Issue

I have a BMW with iDrive 6, fully updated as is my mobile.


I was able to 'see' my playloists from the Spotify app installed on the car iDrive and was able to play my plyalists etc.


It was sometimes intermittent but now it's stopped working totally. I see the eSpotiy app in the iDrive but when I click on it I get just a blank screen.


I've called BMW whp tll me Spotify have a problem and are working on  fix for this January.


Anyone, do you have any ideas what the problem might be?


Also, I'm connected via bluetooth, have the conected drive app installed on my also as well as Spitiy .


Tried all sors to get it working but to no avail.


4 Replies

It's a bug in Spotify and is being discussed in multiple threads now. Current workaround is uninstalling Spotify, reinstalling version from .apk and disabling automatic updates in the Play Store. No word from Spotify as they have not yet publicly acknowledged this as a problem.

Cool, thanks for the info, saves me a lot of time searching.


I'll see if I can unistall my app from my phone install that version you mentioned.


Many Thanks.

Many thanks for this information. After removing the latest version then installing version Spotify works!

A couple of other things you can check/do to ensure Spotify will function are these:

1) Go into the 'BMW Connected' app on your phone, into settings then App Permissions and make sure 'Phone' is checked. Incidentally, from the main menu, if you select 'Hub' and then scroll down you can open up Spotify via the Google Play store (Android).

2) After Spotify opens on your phone, use screen lock to keep it open (Touch the padlock in the very top right hand corner so it displays a locked padlock. Touching the padlock again will unlock the screen - padlock is open). This prevents the app going into sleep mode which I find makes the bluetooth connection more reliable.


I found an App that makes Spotify works on iDrive 5-6. You can install + update Spotify in PlayStore with this app.

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