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[BUG][Android]Local files do not seek properly

[BUG][Android]Local files do not seek properly

I have some song versions on my PC (ripped from CDs, etc), which do not exist on spotify. I add them to Local files filder on spotify on PC, and then add to playlist. When playing on a PC, everything works OK, tracks play, seek (jump to the middle of the track, etc) works. Then I sync this playlist on my Samsung galaxy S7 (Android 7.0, latest spotify app version for today). Songs appear on a playlist, and I can play them. But when I try to jump to some place in the middle of the song, it starts from the beginning. About months ago, as I remember, everything worked fine. Tryed cleaning cache, reinstalling app, cleaning local data, bug still exists.

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Seems that version does not have this bug. So I'll stay on this version until hopefully everything is fixed.

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