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Playlist Problem

Playlist Problem

I have a premium account and when im using a playlist it doesn't let me play a specific song in the playlist. When I press the song I searched for, it starts the first song in the playlist. Im using a Galaxy S9 and I have this problem on all the playlists 


Thanks for your help

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Hey @jodolfo.


Thanks for coming to the Community 🙂 We'd love to lend a hand.

Just to check, is this only happening when a playlist is sorted/filtered?

In the meantime, we'd recommend trying the following steps to see if they help:
- Logging out > Logging in again
- Rebooting your device
- Test if the same thing happens on a different network connection

Keep us posted 🙂

Many thanks,


I am only able to access a limited number of songs on my different playlists. I have a huge gym playlist with about 275 songs on it totaling 10+ hours of music, but I can only see the top 50ish songs in the order that I added them, ie. The oldest are at the top and newer ones towards the bottom. How do we fix this issue? I like having my playlist play with all of songs available. 

It happens when I put the name of the song in the filter bar, when I press
the song that I searched for in the playlist it plays another song. I did
the recommendations that you sent me. I put my account in a iphone and
there's no problem, its my cellphone.

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