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Spotify is only playing 30 seconds of a song. Why?

Spotify is only playing 30 seconds of a song. Why?

This is happening on both an apple device and an Android.  Can't play a full song unless I hit shuffle.  On my desktop it plays fine.


Now I wouldn't mind shuffle, if the following wasn't ALSO happening.  How on earth do I get spotify to stop adding songs to my playlist?  I added ONE song and they added FOURTEEN MORE! Talk about not cool! I add one then they add 14 to my list?


I searched help pages in vein.....any help would be appreicated.  But at this point I 'm assuming I'm not gonna like the answer and will have to delete this app.  Thank you in advance.

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Do you have a premium subscription? If not, spotify will only allow shuffle play on mobile phones and will add suggested songs to playlists. You can read more here.

Thanks for the answer.  Appreciated.  And what I suspected but for whatever reason couldn't find it say just point blank......too much of a hurdle for me to stick around.  But again thank you.

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