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Beta release - all playlists empty

Beta release - all playlists empty

Just installed the beta on both my ics stock rom Galaxy S2 and my ics AOKP rom Galaxy tab 8.9 and on both devices if I click on a playlist, It opens up with zero tracks shown (even though the playlist screen shows a count of the tracks).  As I can't see the tracks, I can't play anything so rather useless.  I signed up for premium account a few weeks ago and still cannot use Spotify on my mobile/tablet so getting pretty annoyed.  On the S2 I uninstalled the old spotify and rebooted before installing the beta.  On the tab 8.9 there was no previous version of the app.


Am I missing something? Any ideas?

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OK I can answer my own question - just checked my account and for some reason it has reverted back to unlimited so had to upgrade again.


Why no warning message in the app though to say that the account needs to be premium?

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