Bluetooth Audio Hiccups

Bluetooth Audio Hiccups






Pixel 3a XL

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Android 11


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Prior to the last few weeks I would only very occasionally have Spotify audio have a little hiccup while listening on my BT earbuds which is fine. Since a few weeks ago it happens frequently, like multiple times per song sometimes and seems to be worse with faster tempo songs.


It only seems to be an issue with Spotify, when I watch stuff on YouTube the audio seems fine. I restarted my phone, reinstalled Spotify, factory reset my BT earbuds, unpaired and re-paired them, tried other BT headphones, turned off Adaptive Battery, nothing fixes it. I'm not sure if some issue got introduced with a recent update but it is extremely frustrating.

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Hi there @sixpencequark


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


You mentioned that you've already reinstalled the app, but would you mind going through the steps of a clean reinstall, as it's more thorough than a normal one?


If this doesn't do the trick, would you mind trying with a different device to check if the issue persists?


Lastly, we'd like to know if the same happened when you tried with other Bluetooth headphones. 


Keep us posted.

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I did a clean install and the issue is still persisting. I've tried it with another pair of bluetooth headphones and have the same problem. I do not have the problem with wired headphones. Nor does the issue seem to happen with other apps' audio. The problem seems to be specific to Spotify with bluetooth audio. I've also tried it with downloaded and streaming songs and have the issue either way. As for another device, I don't have another one with bluetooth besides my phone I can test it on.

Hi @sixpencequark,


Thank you for keeping us in the loop.


Can you log in with another account, such as a friend's or a family member's to see if the issue persists? Alternatively, you can create a free account to test here.


Also, in case you're using any battery optimization or power saving apps, you can deactivate them for Spotify and see if that makes a difference.


We'll be on the lookout. 

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