Bluetooth In car audio controls frozen


Bluetooth In car audio controls frozen









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Hi, I was wondering if this is something that I alone have bee experiencing or if it is an underlying issue with the Android Spotify app. I have an aftermarket radio installed in my car which allows me to connect to audio on my phone via blue tooth. This allows me to make calls using the Aftermarket radio and not the phone itself (very important if I don’t want to get arrested for using my phone whilst driving). This also allows me to use the aftermarket radio to play music on my car speakers. The car radio allows me to control basic playlist functions like Play/Pause/Skip Forwards/Skip back etc.. 

  When I turn the key in the ignition and the radio switches on and it automatically uses Bluetooth to connect to my phone. This takes about 1-2 minutes. At this point I have usually stated to drive down the road and when the connection is complete the helpful aftermarket radio has not only automatically switched on and automatically connected to my phone but it has also automatically stated to play music from the last open music player on my phone. This works with a music player app I paid for called Player Pro, it works for Google Music's streaming app and it even works with YouTube. 

  I think you can probably tell what I’m getting at here. This feature only fails with the Spotify app. The radio boots up, the Bluetooth connection connects, the display screen on my car radio switches to Bluetooth audio player mode then... nothing. No matter what button I press on the radio the music will not start playing, nothing happens. 

  Now here's the dangerous bit. The only way to get the music to star playing is to take the phone out of my pocket, swipe the security code, navigate to running apps/ find the Spotify app icon and open the Spotify app. With 100% consistency, as soon at the app loads on the screen, the music starts playing (no need to press anything in the app). The only thing stopping the music from playing was the app itself, even though it was running the background. I have to complete those 4 steps every time I first get into my car, obviously before setting off down the road as doing this whilst driving is illegal in the UK. If I happen to have forgotten and already started driving I obviously look for the safest place to park to complete those 4 steps in order to be able to play my 'Spotify Music'..

  I would like to ask 3 questions:

Firstly. am I the only one experiencing this phenomenon?

Secondly. If not how many people do you think have to mess with their phones whilst driving in order to get their 'Spotify Music' to actually work?

And Thirdly. how many of those journeys do you think have resulted in fatal accidents?


PS. This freezing of Spotify occurs after the app has been left idle in the background for a certain period of time (maybe 15 mins or so). Or after making a phone call using the Bluetooth car radio. The connection between the car radio and Spotify tends to work if the elapsed time between connections isn’t too long.


So its easy to speculate that the auto play layer does not have the required Logic to reconnect a streaming session to the app, Or there is an unhandled exception in some outdated code (which is very sloppy and seems to be getting worse over time).


Your feedback would be very much appreciated.


Kind Regard