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Bluetooth falls out between songs

Bluetooth falls out between songs

Hi community, 


General question to the community, and the moderators:
Does anyone have tips to solve bluetooth shareplay falling out between tracks on bluetooth based headset devices? 

The headset works perfectly fine when using other apps for playing local files stored on the sd card. 

It's worth the notice I've recently reset my device to factory settings, as well as I got myself a new headset device. It worked perfectly with the same model of headset in beforehand. 

Any ideas folks? 



2 Replies

I have the same Bluetooth problems with my car radio. Each time when switching to the next track (automatically or manually) the phone closes the Bluetooth connection to the radio and reconnects immediately. This is very annoying, it doesn't make sense to use Spotify in my car any more. Hope that the bug is solved immediately. Otherwise I would have to switch to another streaming music provider.


See also:

This is an issue that a lot of people are having.

The only solution we've come up with so far is to downgrade to 3.2.

Allegedly the 3.4 beta also solves it, but I haven't heard anything official, yet.

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