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Spotify can't see offline playlists on microsd card!

Spotify can't see offline playlists on microsd card!

I'll try to keep this as brief as possible.

Device: Sony Xperia Z3
Microsd: SanDisk Ultra 64gb

I initially had some trouble getting the offline playlists to save to my microsd card. I have about 15gb of music I want offline, so saving it all to a microsd is more than necessary. I eventually achieved this and all was great. However, things took a turn for the worse last night when I unmounted my microsd card. I put it back in a couple of minutes later, but unfortunately spotify could no longer recognise that I have offline playlists on my microsd. I checked my storage information, and the playlists are definitely there, yet spotify cannot see them.

I'm sure you're all aware by now but my question is this: how do I get Spotify to show that I have offline playlists downloaded?!
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